Planting Beans

This evening, I planted pole beans on the opposite (West) side of my trellis from the peas that I planted in mid-April.  Beans won’t sprout and grow unless the soil is warm.

I used my hoe to remove the weeds that were growing in the row, then re-formed the berm along the edge of the raised bed and made a trench about an inch (2.5 cm) deep next to the trellis.  I spaced the beans about two inches (5 cm) apart.  I planted four feet (120 cm) of my usual ‘Kentucky blue’ pole bean and two feet (60 cm) each of two varieties that I’m trying for the first time this year, ‘rattlesnake’ and ’emerite.’

'Kentucky blue' pole bean seeds planted next to the trellis

‘Kentucky blue’ pole bean seeds planted next to the trellis

While the ‘Kentucky blue’ seeds are white, ’emerite’ seeds are black and ‘rattlesnake’ seeds are speckled brown.  In the photo, you can also see some landscape fabric that I use to minimize the number of weeds growing under the middle of the trellis.

I watered the beans, then sprinkled the same soil inoculant that I used for the peas over the seeds.  I covered the seeds with soil and watered again.


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