Beans Are Up; Peas & Sage Are Blooming.

The pole beans that I planted six days ago are coming up.  All three varieties, ‘Kentucky blue,’ ‘rattlesnake,’ and ‘emerite,’ seem to be germinating at the same time.  Young bean plants seem to be a delicacy for rabbits, so I enclosed the beans with plastic fencing this evening to protect the seedlings.

sprouting 'Kentucky blue' pole beans and possibly a weed

sprouting ‘Kentucky blue’ pole beans and possibly a weed

The peas have started to bloom.  It shouldn’t take long for them to produce pods.  Because the trellis that supports them is an A-frame design and thus is not vertical, the pea vines tend to grow away from it.  Tonight, I tied a piece of plastic twine string (the same as what I used to tie the tomato cages to posts) across the pea vines to force them closer to the trellis, so the tendrils can grab the wire fencing.

pea 'super sugar snap' blossom

pea ‘super sugar snap’ blossom

My sage bush is also blooming.  It will produce seed and I hope new sage plants by the end of the year.  Sage is a short-lived perennial, so I need to save some of the young plants to replace the current bush; it looks like it won’t survive much longer.

sage flowers

sage flowers


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