Cabbages, Greens, & Radishes

We continue to harvest the plants in garden bed number one.  Last night, we pulled more radishes; these are from the first planting on April 24th, but the radishes that I planted on May 11th are growing well and should be ready to harvest soon.

I also pulled a couple of Asian heading (“napa”) cabbages.  I originally planted two seeds per peat pot for my cabbages, kale, and cauliflower, and allowed both plants to continue to grow when I transplanted them into the garden.  Now, it’s time to start thinning these plants, so I removed the smaller cabbage of a couple of pairs.  I’ll pull more cabbages over the next week, as quickly as we can use them.

The cabbage greens are getting large too.  Fun jen pai tsai is bright green.

fun jen pai tsai

fun jen pai tsai


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