Thinning Peaches

If you want large, high quality peaches, you have to thin them so that they are spaced about four to six inches (10 to 15 cm) apart.  The tree can’t collect enough energy to grow all the fruits that it sets, and even if it could, the weight would probably break the branches.  I pruned the tree in April.  I also wrote about thinning peaches last year.

peaches before thinning

peaches before thinning

This afternoon, I removed the smaller fruits and any fruit that was in a bad place, such as between branches or on the top of a branch, where it might be pecked by birds.  This year, there were a lot of small fruits that were shriveling and falling off the tree on their own; I guess the peaches were self-thinning.  I did have to remove several larger fruits though, which wasted the tree’s effort to produce them.  I probably should have thinned the peaches earlier.

peaches after thinning

peaches after thinning

We collected all the peach fruits that were on the ground and those that I removed.  If you leave fruit near the tree, it can harbor fungus that may migrate to the growing fruit.


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