A Tale of Three Beans

I planted my pole beans just over a month ago and they were coming up in less than a week.  I planted my usual ‘Kentucky blue’ variety on the left side of the trellis and two new varieties, ’emerite’ and ‘rattlesnake,’ on the right side.  I can’t remember in which order I planted those two varieties, but it should become obvious from the beans they produce.

pole beans 'Kentucky blue,' 'emerite,' and 'rattlesnake' climbing trellis

pole beans ‘Kentucky blue,’ ’emerite,’ and ‘rattlesnake’ climbing trellis

The new varieties are growing much faster than my old favorite.  Some have even reached the top of my six feet (2 m) tall trellis.  They are probably getting more light, but even so it’s a pretty sharp difference.   In front of the plants, you can see the plastic mesh fence that protected the young bean seedlings from rabbits.

The peas that are growing on the opposite side of the trellis are coming to the end.  Some plants have already died.  The weather over the next two days, with high temperatures above 90°F (32°C) predicted, will probably hasten their demise.  Peas grow in cool weather.  Last year, I found that beans also have a problem with hot weather; my beans stopped flowering when it was very hot, then started again after it cooled down.  To the right of the trellis, basil ‘Italian large leaf’ has outgrown its protective cage.



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7 Responses to A Tale of Three Beans

  1. I grow Rattlesnake and Fortex this year, as well as yard long beans. Fortex is definitely much more vigorous than the others.

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