First Beets

We harvested beets today for the first time this year.  They don’t take this long to grow (I planted beets ‘red ace’ in garden bed number two on May 13th) but we kind of forgot about them until now.  Luckily, beets are one of the vegetables that keep well in the garden and can be harvested when it is convenient.

beets growing in the garden

beets growing in the garden

It was easy to see which beets were ready to harvest as the roots were exposed.

exposed beet roots

exposed beet roots

I picked four beets that were growing near others, to give the beets I left in the ground more room to grow.

four freshly picked beets

four freshly picked beets

Beets are also unique in my experience as you can eat both the roots and the leaves (including the stalks).  The leaves can be prepared similar to spinach or to chard (their relative).  We ate both roots and leaves tonight; they were tender and delicious.

Read more about beets (including a recipe) at Lee Valley.


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2 Responses to First Beets

  1. I didn’t know about the leaves ! and we can find them in supermarket as well or is not that common ?

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