Daylily Flowers

My early-blooming and repeat-blooming (which bloom both early and late in the summer) daylilies produce many flowers early in the summer, but the flowers are small and uniformly colored.  My mid-season and late-season daylilies have large, multicolored flowers that are worth waiting for.

daylily flower

daylily flower

I planted these many years ago and I don’t remember what varieties they are.  I bought the plants at a local garden center.  Daylilies require very little care; you may want to remove the spent flower stalks before they produce seed, as some varieties (not these two or most other hybrids) will freely re-seed themselves.  The old flower stalks are rather unattractive, so you will want to remove them at some point even if they don’t produce viable seed.  Other than that, they seem to come back and produce masses of flowers every year with no care whatsoever.

daylily flower and bud

daylily flower and bud

More photos of these flowers (and additional varieties) can be found in posts from last year, Summer Flowers 03 and Summer Flowers 05.



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