First Tomatoes & More Blackberries

It’s the last day of July, and I’ve finally picked some ripe tomatoes.  I already had gathered some green tomatoes earlier that had fallen off the vines.

the first tomatoes of the season

the first tomatoes of the season

Actually, someone was “picking” the tomatoes before I got to them.  The tomato on the left in the photo below looks like it was pecked by a bird.  The one on the right may have been eaten by a bird too but it could have been something else.  Woodchucks, also known as groundhogs, like to eat tomatoes.  I decided to pick some tomatoes that weren’t quite ripe rather than risk them being harmed.  I picked the green tomato because it was on a damaged branch and I thought it wouldn’t grow any more.

damaged tomatoes

damaged tomatoes

My daughter helped me pick blackberries.  There were many more ripe berries tonight than there were two days ago.



There probably are some beans and eggplant that are ready to be harvested too, but it’s too dark now.


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work: chemist, NMR manager; hobbies: gardening, reading, photography, electronics, biking, woodworking
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