Beans, Tomatoes, & Blackberries

Tonight, I checked the moisture levels in my garden beds and although they weren’t quite dry yet, decided that I should water the garden.  I moved the hose from place to place and waited until enough water soaked into the soil.  While I waited, I picked vegetables.

beans, tomatoes, blackberries

beans, tomatoes, blackberries

There aren’t nearly as many beans as we picked on Saturday, but I did pick about 800 grams (1.8 lb.) of beans on Tuesday, so with today’s 270 grams (0.6 lb.) of beans, we have enough to last quite a while.  The ’emerite’ and ‘rattlesnake’ varieties seem to be slowing down, while the ‘Kentucky blue’ pole beans have several flowers.  I wonder if the first two varieties were bred to produce many beans at once, for commercial growers.  Perhaps the water that I gave them today will make them start producing again.

There are three varieties of paste tomatoes.  The rounded tomato on the left is ‘health kick,’ the four oblong tomatoes are ‘Margherita,’ and the large, striped tomato is ‘speckled Roman.’  As well as looking interesting, that last tomato smells very good.  I wonder what it will taste like.

I am getting more blackberries every time I pick them.  They have to be picked every two days if you want them at the peak of ripeness.  Tonight’s crop seemed especially good.


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