Beans, Eggplant, Tomatoes, & Blackberries

Time for my bidiurnal (every two days) harvest.  I didn’t write about Saturday’s harvest, but it was much the same as today except that I got fewer tomatoes and I picked a couple of ‘sweet banana’ peppers as I wanted to use them for dinner.

beans, eggplant, tomatoes, blackberries

beans, eggplant, tomatoes, blackberries

The four beans you can see on top of the tomatoes are more mature than I would like.  The two ‘rattlesnake’ pole beans, in the upper part of the photo, were out of sight on the top of the trellis.  The other two pole beans, of the  ’emerite’ variety, were on vines that dangled from the top of the trellis so far down into the other plants that I missed them earlier.  The other beans I picked are hidden under the tomatoes.

I picked seven ‘Park’s early challenge’ tomatoes (on the right in the photo) and two ‘agro’ and one ‘speckled Roman’ paste tomatoes.  The eggplant are ‘ichiban imp,’ the only variety I planted this year.

The blackberry harvest continues to increase.  Soon, we may need to think about making preserves or baking with them.  So far, I’ve been eating them with my breakfast cereal.


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4 Responses to Beans, Eggplant, Tomatoes, & Blackberries

  1. Hilda says:

    I’m growing pole beans for the first time this year. It looks as if I will have lots, but all other bean varieties failed. I was wondering when the best time for picking them for eating them is. As I may have so many, I was wondering if some can be left on the vine to dry and store for winter that way. Any ideas would be appreciated.

    • I haven’t tried leaving them on the vine to dry. I actually wanted to do that this year with a “three sisters” planting (corn, beans and squash) if I got a community plot, but they had twice as many applicants as plots. If you leave some to dry, I wonder if those plants will stop flowering; if that is the case, you might leave part of a row to dry and keep picking the rest. If you want to keep green beans, freezing them is probably the best choice. Don’t let them get *too* big when picking green beans as they can get tough and stringy. I pick them when I start to see some bulges from the seeds. Hope this helps.

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