Beans, Okra, Blackberries, & Pawpaws

We hadn’t picked vegetables since last Thursday, so there were a lot of beans.  The ‘rattlesnake’ variety were the biggest producers this time.  Some were hidden so they were quite large; we’ll probably shell them and just eat the seed part, not the pods.  We also got six okra but decided not to pick any peppers as we still have a lot from last time.  There were a few eggplant but they weren’t quite big enough to pick.

pole beans, okra, blackberries, and two pawpaw fruit

pole beans, okra, blackberries, and two pawpaw fruit

The pawpaws have finally started to ripen.  I’ve been checking on them for about a month, but I didn’t have to look to know they are ripe.  As we were picking beans, I wondered what the sweet fragrance was that I could smell.  Of course, it was the pawpaws.  Some fruits were so ripe that they had fallen on the ground.  I’m going to give these first two fruits to a colleague at work to whom I offered some, two weeks ago when I was sure they were going to be ripe.  I should have just checked my pawpaw post from last year (which has more information about this fruit); they ripened at the same time.

I also watered part of the vegetable garden tonight.  We haven’t had much rain in two weeks, so I watered the beans, basil, peppers, eggplant, and okra, all of which are still working hard to produce food for us.


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