Garden Myths

I like and recommend The Truth About Garden Remedies:  What Works, What Doesn’t & Why by Dr. Jeff Gillman.  Dr. Gillman wondered if the many garden remedies that we see on the internet or that are touted in books actually work, so he set out to test them in controlled experiments, and the book summarizes his findings.

I was excited to see Dr. Gillman appear today on the Growing a Greener World television show.  The episode I saw today was originally broadcast last year, Episode 419:  Garden Myths 2.0.  You can watch the episode from that link, although it stutters a bit over my internet connection.  In it, Dr. Gillman and the host, Joe Lamp’l, talk about a few garden remedies that actually work and some that don’t or are dangerous to plants or animals.

Dr. Gillman has appeared in at least one other episode, Episode 314: Just Because It’s Organic, which I plan to watch as soon as I can make the time.  I expect it’s based on another of his books, The Truth About Organic Gardening:  Benefits, Drawbacks, and the Bottom Line, which I plan to read as soon as I can make the time.


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