Houseplant Moving In Day, 2014

It’s been getting colder, so I decided it was time to move the houseplants back inside for the winter.  Frost isn’t likely just yet, but I thought I’d finish this task a little earlier for once.  I moved the fern, Sansevieria, and lemon grass near a south window in a bedroom as I usually do.

fern, Sansevieria, lemon grass

fern, Sansevieria, lemon grass

The fern was a gift from a retired faculty member who collects them.  He calls it a “turkey tail” fern because the branches that grow at the ends of the fronds resemble a turkey’s tail feathers.

"turkey tail" fern

“turkey tail” fern

I also moved the jade plant, pineapple plants, Surinam cherry tree, and lemon tree into the dining room, like I did last year.  The small fruit that was growing on the lemon tree has disappeared.  I suspect a squirrel may have taken it, although an unripe lemon must be nearly inedible.

To prepare the plants to come inside, I trimmed any dead or damaged foliage and branches; wiped the outside of the pots; and added peat moss, leaf mulch, or sand to the pots.  I added sand to the jade plant pot because the soil level was a little low.  I added peat moss to the lemon grass pot for the same reason.  And, I scooped up some leaves that had formed a drift against my sidewalk and used those as mulch in several pots.


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