Fall Foliage & Flowers, 2014

It’s fall (or autumn if you prefer) and as the chlorophyll in trees’ and shrubs’ leaves breaks down we can see the beautiful reds and yellows.  These are some of my favorite trees and shrubs that I photographed yesterday in my yard.

The dogwood has become one of my favorite small trees.  Its beautiful shape and cascading leaves would make it a valuable landscape choice even if it provided no spring flowers or fall color.

dogwood tree fall color

dogwood tree fall color

Some of the dogwood’s leaves have already begun to fall.

The fall color of the blueberry bushes was totally unexpected.  We planted them for the berries, of course.  They are protected from rabbits by a tomato cage.

blueberry bush fall color

blueberry bush fall color

Viburnum nudum ‘Winterthur’ also produces berries, but I think the birds eat them all before I can get a photo of them.

Viburnum 'Winterthur' fall color

Viburnum ‘Winterthur’ fall color

The pawpaw provides us with fruit, big leaves that look like they belong in the tropics, and fall color.

pawpaw tree fall color

pawpaw tree fall color

A few flowers are still blooming.  I believe this is daylily ‘Stella de Oro’ which is a reliable, repeat bloomer.

daylily flower

daylily flower

I planted these ‘golden guardian’ marigolds with my tomatoes to protect the tomatoes’ roots from nematodes.  While the tomatoes have succumbed to disease, the marigolds are doing very well.  These have spilled out of the raised garden bed and into the path.

marigold 'golden guardian' flowers

marigold ‘golden guardian’ flowers

Roses bloom throughout much of the summer and into the fall, which almost makes up for the thorns.

'ruby meidiland' rose flowers

‘ruby meidiland’ rose flowers

This sunflower came up near the roses.  I expect it was dropped by a bird on its way from the bird feeder.  The small insect, which appears to be a fly, didn’t move even though I took a few photos from a close distance.

'volunteer' sunflower

‘volunteer’ sunflower



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