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Back Yard Hawk

I looked out the window this afternoon and saw this sitting on my legume trellis. I believe this is a Cooper’s Hawk, although it could be a Sharp-shinned Hawk.  Even experts can have difficulty telling them apart, and I am … Continue reading

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Pomegranate Flower

When I posted about the dwarf pomegranate trees a few weeks ago, I included a photo of a flower bud that one had produced.  The flower has now opened. The same little tree has two additional flower buds; one is visible in … Continue reading

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Cleaning the Gutters

One fall task that I dislike is cleaning leaves out of my house’s gutters, or eaves troughs, so rain and snow melt won’t pour off the roof and cause a flood in my basement.  I have gutter guards, in my case metal … Continue reading

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Baby Carrots

I dug up some carrots today.  The weather has been rainy but mostly above freezing, so the soil was wet but not frozen. These ‘Danvers half long’ carrots (more like quarter long or even eighth long in this case) were … Continue reading

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Dwarf Pomegranates and Snapdragons Are Growing

The dwarf pomegranate trees and the snapdragons that I moved to my office last month are starting to grow again.  The pomegranates had lost all their leaves as they became dormant; now new leaves have appeared. One dwarf pomegranate tree even … Continue reading

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