Back Yard Hawk

I looked out the window this afternoon and saw this sitting on my legume trellis.

Cooper's Hawk on trellis

Cooper’s Hawk on trellis

I believe this is a Cooper’s Hawk, although it could be a Sharp-shinned Hawk.  Even experts can have difficulty telling them apart, and I am no expert.

These small hawks often feed on smaller birds.  This hawk is sitting less than ten feet (3 m) from my bird feeder.  It gives a whole new meaning to “bird feeder,” doesn’t it?  Of course, no birds were visiting the feeder while the hawk was nearby, and a squirrel was making alarm calls that would warn any small birds or animals.

I took the photo above from inside the house.  I went outside to try to get closer, but the hawk had left before I got to the back yard (I exited the house by the front door to avoid spooking it).  It may have heard me, or it may have left because it saw another predator.

orange cat

orange cat

This orange cat must live somewhere in my neighborhood, because I often see it in my back yard.  When I went outside, I spotted it on a neighbor’s fence about sixty feet (18 m) from where the hawk was sitting.



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3 Responses to Back Yard Hawk

  1. Diane G. says:

    Great hawk shot for through-the-window! I’m having trouble making the Cooper’s/Sharpie call myself. Hope that cat doesn’t take a fancy to sitting under your feeders.

    • I opened the window, but I think the hot/cold air mixing didn’t help the photo quality any. The shot of the cat looks better. The photo actually turned out pretty well considering I was using an old Sigma 400mm f/5.6 lens with a Tokina 2X teleconverter.

      The cat has already tried sitting under the feeder. The birds weren’t fooled.

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