The Rest of the Carrots

Because of the freezing weather and snow predicted for the rest of this week, I decided to harvest the remaining carrots this afternoon.  I used my garden fork to loosen them and gloved hands to remove most of the mud and leaves.  It was cold, then it started to rain, making this task even more unpleasant.

a bowl full of carrots

a bowl full of carrots

The bowl is thirteen inches (33 cm) across; the carrots came from five or perhaps six square feet (about 0.5m2) of garden space.  The larger carrots on the left are ‘Napoli‘ variety (similar to ‘Nantes’ variety) and most of the smaller carrots are ‘Danvers half long‘ variety.  The ‘Napoli’ variety grew better this year, probably because they were less crowded, or maybe they do better in my garden’s heavy clay soil that you can see clinging to them.


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