Planting Basil

Basil ‘gecofure’ is a Genovese type basil that was bred for growing in containers.  I decided to plant some in a pot today to see if I can have fresh basil earlier than usual.

I used a pot that had mint growing in it until last year, when it died over the winter.  I dug in the soil with a garden trowel to loosen it.  I followed the package directions and just sprinkled some seeds on top of the soil but didn’t cover them.  The seeds might need light to germinate, like some flower seeds.

I then watered the pot.  Because the water may have buried some of the basil seeds, I decided to sprinkle a few more on the wet soil.  I covered the pot with plastic wrap to keep the soil from drying out.

plastic pot with basil seeds, covered in plastic wrap

plastic pot with basil seeds, covered in plastic wrap

I watered with warm water, so already there’s condensation.  Plastic wrap never seems to stick to anything but itself, so I used some tape to fasten it to the pot.  I put the pot on a plant stand in front of a window where it will get some afternoon light.


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