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Weeding & Thinning Basil

My ‘gecofure’ sweet basil seedlings have been growing and now have some true leaves.  It’s been a month since I planted them. Today, I decided to remove the plastic wrap and pull the weeds that have been growing very well. … Continue reading

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Invasion of the Earthworms

Earthworms are not native to much of North America.  If there were earthworms in the past, glaciation probably killed them off.  In southern regions, native earthworms are greatly outnumbered by invasive species brought here by European settlers.  Now, earthworm species from … Continue reading

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Sweet William Blooms

Two of the sweet William plants that I moved to my office last fall have started to bloom. One has reddish-purple flowers, the other has white flowers. They are the larger plants that were growing in the planter in the … Continue reading

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Vegetable & Herb Seeds Order

Yesterday, I placed my yearly order for garden seeds.  The past two years, I’ve ordered from Pinetree Garden Seeds & Accessories, but sometimes I like to order from another company so I can get seeds that Pinetree doesn’t carry. That’s why … Continue reading

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Fruit or Vegetable?

A new article at the National Geographic website covers the question of whether a tomato (and many other common garden products) is a fruit or a vegetable. Botanically speaking, a tomato is a fruit.  When politicians get involved, things get more … Continue reading

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Basil Seedlings

The basil I planted a week ago has been sprouting over the last few days.  So far, they haven’t produced any true leaves, just seed leaves. A few other plants have come up, because I planted the basil in the … Continue reading

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