Planting Peas & Radishes

Saturday, I finished digging garden bed number four with my garden fork.  On Sunday, I raked it level, raked the sides up against the frame, and raked in four pounds (1.8 kg) of 5-10-10 fertilizer.  I covered the bed with the same landscape fabric from last year, folding the sides under where the peas and beans will grow.  Finally, we moved the trellis from garden bed number three.

This morning, I soaked 48 peas in water to prepare them for planting.  That’s half as many as I’ve planted in the past, not intentionally but because I felt that would be enough for a row eight feet (2.4 m) long (and forgot how many I planted in the past).  Tonight, I planted the peas about an inch (25 mm) deep and covered them with soil inoculant.  I forgot to order the inoculant with my seeds, but luckily I was able to find some at my local hardware store.  I covered the peas and watered them well.

Soil inoculant for peas and beans contains bacteria  that help legumes use nitrogen from the air.

Soil inoculant for peas and beans contains bacteria that help legumes use nitrogen from the air.

Then, I planted radishes on the other side of the trellis, about a half-inch (12 mm) deep and spaced approximately one inch (25 mm) apart.  I planted them away from the trellis, so I can still plant beans next to the trellis if the radishes aren’t ready to harvest.  I haven’t done this type of succession planting for a few years, because I don’t like to plant cabbage family plants in more than one bed in a given year, but I decided to do it this year because it’ll be awhile before garden bed number two is ready.  The radishes will be gone long before the beans grow tall.


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