Re-potting the Dwarf Pomegranates (Again)

Why would I re-pot these miniature trees again so soon?  Well, I moved them and the sweet William planters back home from my office this afternoon, and when I turned my back on them, the cart they were on rolled off the curb and the terra-cotta pots fell off the cart and were smashed.

two dwarf pomegranate trees with their smashed pots and new pots

two dwarf pomegranate trees with their smashed pots and new pots

The new pots are a little larger than the old ones, but they were the closest fit I could find at the store where I bought soil inoculant.  I added extra potting soil to make up the difference when I transferred the trees to their new homes.  I re-used the same pieces of landscape fabric to keep soil from running out the drainage hole in the bottom of the pots.

After I watered the trees in their new pots, I put them in a shady place so they can adjust to being outdoors before I put them into full sun.  Although both trees grew new leaves and one bloomed, they lost their leaves and apparently went dormant again this spring.


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