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Blackberry Flower

My blackberry brambles have started to flower.  I believe only the chester thornless blackberries have flowers and the triple crown thornless blackberry buds haven’t started to open just yet.  Chester flowers are pink, while triple crown are white; you can see … Continue reading

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Transplanting Okra

On Saturday (May 30th), I decided to transplant okra into garden bed number three a few hours after I finished transplanting the peppers, eggplant, and marigolds.  In the past two years, I’ve planted okra seeds directly into the garden rather … Continue reading

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Transplanting Peppers, Eggplant, & Marigolds

Today, my daughter helped me transplant the pepper and eggplant seedlings into garden bed number one.  I originally planted the seeds on March 14th.  We followed much the same transplanting procedure as last year and the year before.  The peppers have … Continue reading

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I pulled some radishes last weekend to thin them.  Tonight I pulled some that were getting big enough to eat and thinned some more that were growing too close together. I planted them exactly a month ago.

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Transplanting Tomatoes

Today (yesterday by the time I finish writing), I transplanted all the tomatoes into garden bed number one.  I transplanted both the early tomatoes that I planted on March 14th and the other tomatoes that I planted on April 16th. … Continue reading

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Three Azaleas in Bloom

These azaleas bloom in order red, purple, pink, from right to left. I took the photo yesterday.  Although the bushes are on the north side of the garage, they still get direct sun at midday.  You can see lily-of-the-valley growing … Continue reading

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Re-planting Peas

As often happens, many of the peas I planted last month didn’t germinate, so I decided to plant more in the areas where they are sparse. Yesterday, I soaked some peas to prepare them for planting.  I counted out two … Continue reading

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I planted basil ‘gecofure’ in a pot at the end of January.  At the end of February, I thinned it to seven seedlings.  This variety of basil was bred to grow well in containers. I’ve harvested this basil a few times … Continue reading

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Rabbit Fence

Today, I bought some posts and fence material to make fences for some of my raised garden beds.  I have had trouble with rabbits eating various vegetables in the past, and rabbit repellent hasn’t been sufficient to keep them out … Continue reading

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Moving the Morning Glory

When I moved the other flowers home from my office, I didn’t move the pot of morning glory vines because the bamboo pole they are climbing makes the entire assembly about five feet (1.5 m) tall.  Today, I decided to find … Continue reading

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