Moving the Morning Glory

When I moved the other flowers home from my office, I didn’t move the pot of morning glory vines because the bamboo pole they are climbing makes the entire assembly about five feet (1.5 m) tall.  Today, I decided to find a way to fit the morning glory pot into my car and bring them home.  I ended up moving the passenger seat all the way back and reclining it, then leaning the pot so the bamboo pole cleared the roof.  The vines lost a few leaves but I think they’ll survive.

morning glory vines in all their glory

morning glory vines in all their glory

These vines have been blooming since March.  They produce several flowers every day; I counted fourteen one day last week.  I took this picture this evening, so there were no open flowers on the vines.

The pot had snapdragons growing in it when I moved it to my office.  Those suffered from aphids and were dying off, so I removed the remaining snapdragon plants before I brought the pot home.


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