Rabbit Fence

Today, I bought some posts and fence material to make fences for some of my raised garden beds.  I have had trouble with rabbits eating various vegetables in the past, and rabbit repellent hasn’t been sufficient to keep them out of the garden.  I’ve used black plastic fence in the past to protect my bean seedlings, but it’s developed a lot of holes and can’t do the job any more.

Tonight, I built a fence around garden bed number three.  Lettuce seedlings are just beginning to come up, and I don’t want rabbits dining on them or the beet or chard seedlings that should soon follow the lettuce out of the ground.

new fence around garden bed number three

new fence around garden bed number three

The posts are green-painted steel, three feet (90 cm) long, and have clips for securing the fence material.  That material is green, vinyl-covered wire in a hexagonal mesh with one inch (2.5 cm) holes; it is two feet (60 cm) tall.  It comes in rolls 25 feet (7.6 m) long, so I had to use part of a second roll to fit the entire circumference of this garden bed.  The holes in the fence are small enough to keep even baby rabbits out.

fence post closeup

fence post closeup

I used two pieces of green, plastic-covered wire twists at each post to fasten the fence more securely.  Finally, I used two garden staples between each post to anchor the fence to the ground and keep the rabbits from burrowing under it.  I may need to do more to close that potential entrance.


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