Re-planting Peas

As often happens, many of the peas I planted last month didn’t germinate, so I decided to plant more in the areas where they are sparse.

Yesterday, I soaked some peas to prepare them for planting.  I counted out two dozen, then decided to use all the remaining peas and buy more next year.  I bought these peas last year and wouldn’t have had enough for next year anyway.

peas 'super sugar snap' before soaking

peas ‘super sugar snap’ before soaking

I thought I’d show you how much the peas plump up when they’re soaked.

peas 'super sugar snap' after soaking

peas ‘super sugar snap’ after soaking

This morning, I planted the peas.  I made a trench about an inch (2.5 cm) deep next to the areas where only a few peas were growing but a few inches (7 or 8 cm) away so I wouldn’t disturb any pea plants that might still be coming up.  I covered the peas but didn’t have to water them as it rained last night and more rain is predicted for this weekend.


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