Blackberry Flower

My blackberry brambles have started to flower.  I believe only the chester thornless blackberries have flowers and the triple crown thornless blackberry buds haven’t started to open just yet.  Chester flowers are pink, while triple crown are white; you can see photos of the flowers of both varieties in this post from two years ago.

chester thornless blackberry flower and buds

chester thornless blackberry flower and buds

As you can see in the photo, only the terminal flower on each blackberry branch has opened.  Many more buds are growing behind it and will open in the coming weeks; the resulting fruits will ripen at different times, as you can see in this post.  Between the two varieties, they will provide five or six weeks of blackberry harvest from late July to early September.

After I pruned the blackberry canes a month ago, they grew more of the side branches that produce fruit.  We usually pick so many blackberries that we have to find ways to use them, such as making jam or blackberry upside-down cake.


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