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More About Soil Block Molds

I tried using molds to make soil blocks for starting seeds for the first time this year.  I found that they worked well for the okra and some of the herbs that I planted in them, although a few herbs such … Continue reading

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Spring Again?

Although spring is coming in the Southern hemisphere, we are heading into fall (or autumn) here in the North.  A couple of my (usually spring-flowering) shrubs seem to be confused about the time of year however. Over the past few … Continue reading

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Yellow Jacket Problem Solved

We’ve been having a problem with yellow jackets this year.  They’ve built at least two nests in the garden and have attacked us on two different occasions, perhaps when we got too close to the nests or stepped on the landscape timbers the … Continue reading

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Weekend Harvest 07

It rained Thursday, we were busy Friday, and it rained again Saturday, so there was a lot of produce waiting for us in the garden today. The two small bowls at the front contain ‘nectar’ cherry tomatoes and blackberries.  In the large bowl … Continue reading

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