Vegetable, Flower, and Herb Seeds Order

I ordered my seeds today from Pinetree Garden Seeds.  I only ordered eight packets of seeds this year; here is the list:

  • bean, emerite pole
  • carrot, Nantes
  • carrot, Danvers half long
  • chard, bright lights
  • cosmos, sensation mix
  • okra, jambalaya
  • pea, super sugar snap
  • savory, summer

Most of these seeds are varieties that I have already planted.  They grow and produce well in my garden and I’ve run out, so I’m just re-stocking for this year.  Most seeds are viable for several years, so I save mine in the refrigerator and only buy new seeds when I don’t have enough.

In the past, I’ve planted ‘Cajun delight’ okra.  I like it and wanted to get more, but it’s no longer available from Pinetree.  Most seed companies constantly change what they offer, adding new varieties and removing those that don’t sell well.  Since I can’t get the okra variety that I prefer, I’ll try ‘jambalaya’ this year.  It is a short-season variety that they say will do well in northern areas.

I’ve planted ‘Napoli’ carrots before and liked those too.  They’re a type of ‘Nantes’ carrot, so I decided to try the original, heirloom ‘Nantes’ variety this year.  It takes slightly longer until it’s ready to harvest (72 vs. 66 days) but that shouldn’t really matter as carrots do well in cool weather.  I also like the blunt tips on the original variety.

I grew a small variety of cosmos, ‘cosmic yellow’, in a pot a few years ago and it grew very well and attracted butterflies.  I decided to try growing a larger variety of cosmos in a flower bed this year, so I ordered ‘sensation mix’, which should reach four to five feet (1.2 to 1.5 m) tall and produce lots of blossoms that I hope will attract butterflies.


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