How to Get Garden Gem Tomato Seeds

Last summer, I heard about an interesting new variety of tomato called ‘garden gem’.  I wanted to try these in my garden because they promised great flavor while also being easy to grow, but they aren’t yet available from seed dealers.

The man who developed this new tomato variety, Professor Harry J. Klee of the University of Florida, has made the seeds available to home gardeners.  If you visit his research webpage and make a donation of $10 or more, he will send you packets of seeds for ‘garden gem’ and another interesting new variety, ‘garden treasure’.  I did that and the seeds arrived this week with a letter describing the two varieties.

'garden gem' and 'garden treasure' tomato seeds and letter

‘garden gem’ and ‘garden treasure’ tomato seeds and letter

Now, I need to decide what I will have to exclude from my garden to make space for these new tomato varieties.

Update:  To find out how well these varieties grew in my garden, check out my 2016 Tomato Report post.


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8 Responses to How to Get Garden Gem Tomato Seeds

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  5. John Mauney says:

    Hi Brian, did you end up growing these wonder tomatoes this year? Thanks for a reply.

  6. Frank Versal says:

    What is you address so we can send a check for the tomatoe seeds.

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