Shades of Green

The cabbage family plants in garden bed number three (Chinese (napa) cabbage, pak choi, radish, kale, turnip, and assorted greens) come in many different shades of green, plus the purple of one variety of pak choi and the red of mustard.

assorted cabbage family plants

assorted cabbage family plants

In the photo, the napa and pak choi cabbages and the kale are at the far end.  Radish ‘cherry belle’ is interplanted with the cabbages.  We won’t get many radishes or daikon this year because the hot weather this spring caused them to “bolt” or make flowers and seeds rather than roots, a problem I’ve posted about before.  I already pulled out most of the daikon.

At the near end, I planted five rows of vegetables, in order from the left:  mizuna; fun jen pai tsai (which is also starting to bloom) and wasabina; komatsuna and daikon; Japanese turnips; and mibuna and red giant Indian mustard.  The two varieties in the last row didn’t germinate well.  In the case of the mustard, that really doesn’t matter as I have “volunteer” mustard coming up all over the garden anyway.  Komatsuna also re-seeds itself although not as freely as the mustard.

I have the best luck with fun jen pai tsai, mizuna, komatsuna, and the mustard.  The cabbages and kale also usually grow well.  One thing to watch out for with the napa type cabbages is slug attacks; they seem to prefer these plants over everything else.


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