First Beans

We picked the first pole beans of the season tonight.  We got 618 grams (nearly 1.4 lb.), mostly of the ’emerite’ variety, which I have found in the past grow faster and produce earlier than ‘Kentucky blue’, my old standby.

The season's first green beans came to 618 grams.

The season’s first green beans came to 618 grams.

This year, I planted four feet (1.3 m) each of ‘Kentucky blue’ and ’emerite’ pole beans along one side of my six feet (2 m) tall trellis.  I planted ‘super sugar snap’ peas on the other side of the trellis as usual; they are nearly done producing.  The pea vines don’t quite make it to the top of the trellis, but the pole beans are already trying to climb higher.


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