2017 Seeds Orders

I placed my orders for seeds on February 8th.  My main order was with Pinetree Garden Seeds (superseeds.com), which is where I usually order seeds.

This was a pretty big order, so I’ll break it down into categories.  First are the cabbage family (Brassicaceae or Cruciferae) roots and greens.

  • turnip, ‘hinona kabu’ Japanese
  • radish, ‘cherry belle’
  • kale, ‘starbor’
  • tatsoi
  • pai tsai, fun jen
  • misome
  • mibuna
  • cabbage, ‘yukina savoy’ chinese
  • cabbage, ‘tronchuda’

The turnip variety and the two cabbages are new to me.  Next up are tomatoes and their relatives (Solanaceae).

  • pepper, ‘Takiis new ace’
  • tomato, ‘manyel’
  • tomato, ‘pink Berkeley tie die’
  • tomato, ‘Anna Russian’
  • tomato, ‘Cherokee green’

While the peppers are a favorite of mine, I haven’t grown any of those tomato varieties before.  I won’t have room to grow all of the tomato varieties this year, but I couldn’t decide which ones I want to plant this year and I can try the others in a year or two.  I believe all of those tomato varieties are considered to be heirloom varieties.  Next are some other vegetable seeds that don’t fit in the above two categories.

  • beet, ‘red ace’
  • bean, ‘fortex’ pole
  • inoculant

They were out of the pole bean that I wanted to order (’emerite’), so I decided to try ‘fortex’ which comes highly recommended.  Inoculant is not a seed but rather bacteria that work with legumes such as beans and peas to “fix” nitrogen, i.e. to convert N2 from the air into a form that plants can use.

I also ordered the following herb seeds.

  • oregano, Greek
  • catnip
  • catnip, lemon
  • basil, ‘dwarf Greek’
  • thyme, French
  • parsley, ‘Prezzemolo Gigante D Italia’
  • rosemary

I’m going to try growing a number of herbs in pots this year.  I’ve had success growing rosemary this way in the past.  I ordered some seeds to use for microgreens, i.e. to grow indoors in very crowded conditions and harvest the leaves when the plants are young rather than letting them mature.  These seeds come in relatively large packets.

  • basil microgreens
  • spicy Asian mix microgreens
  • cilantro microgreens

I ordered some flower seeds, also for growing in pots.

  • sunflower, ‘dwarf Pacino gold’
  • nasturtium, ‘black velvet’

And I ordered some garden supplies, useful items that happened to be on sale.

After reading Craig LeHoullier’s Epic Tomatoes (see Resources), I decided I wanted to try growing some dwarf tomato varieties in pots.  The best place to get them appears to be Victory Seeds, which has an entire category dedicated to dwarf tomatoes.  I ordered five varieties although I won’t try growing all of them this year (remember that seeds remain viable for several years, especially if you refrigerate them).  All of the following are dwarf tomato varieties.

  • Polish
  • Perth pride
  • sweet Sue
  • sleeping lady
  • tastywine

Dwarf tomatoes are a slower-growing indeterminate tomato.  They will continue to grow and produce fruit until they die, but they grow more slowly than other tomatoes.  Contrast this with determinate tomatoes, which produce all their fruit over a shorter period of time, then stop.

Victory Seeds also sells many other open-pollinated seed varieties, they shipped my order promptly, and I’m happy with the results so far, so I will probably order more from them in the future.

Pinetree’s order took a couple of weeks to ship, but that was mostly due to the large amounts of snow that they received in Maine during that time.


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