Cracked Tomato

I’ve had a lot of trouble with cracking of my tomato fruits this year.  I suspect it’s related to the unusually rainy weather we’ve been having.  For more about cracking, and many other tomato fruit problems, see this Missouri Botanical Garden webpage.

dwarf tomato ‘tastywine’ exhibiting cracking

Although the cracks on this tomato appear to have healed to some extent, they still allow diseases and insects to enter the fruit.

This fruit had an odd taste, unlike any other tomato I’m growing.  I’m not sure if that’s a characteristic of the variety or if it’s related to the cracking, perhaps caused by a disease that made its way in through the cracks.

‘Tastywine’ is another of the dwarf tomato varieties that I’m growing in containers this year.  It is one of the varieties developed by the dwarf tomato project (a team that includes Craig LeHoullier, author of Epic Tomatoes; see my Resources page) and the seed is available from Victory Seeds.  It produces “pink” fruit, i.e. when ripe it has red flesh and colorless skin.


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