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Container Vegetables

This year I tried something I hadn’t done before, growing vegetables in containers.  I got this idea from the book “Epic Tomatoes” by Craig LeHoullier.  I grew eggplant and dwarf tomato plants (seeds purchased from Victory Seeds; see Resources for more … Continue reading

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2016 Tomato Report

I grew six varieties of tomatoes this year.  Here is my appraisal of their performance in my garden. I usually plant indeterminate tomatoes.  This type of tomato will continue to grow and produce fruit until frost (or disease) kills the … Continue reading

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Beans, Blackberries, Peppers, Eggplant, and Tomatoes

It’s just two days since we last picked blackberries and tomatoes, and three since we picked everything else, but we got quite a lot of vegetables tonight. We’ve been getting adequate amounts of rain lately, the heat has moderated a … Continue reading

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Transplanting 02: Early Tomatoes

The weather prediction looks perfect for newly transplanted seedlings over the next week:  rainy or cloudy, never too hot or cold.  I had been “hardening off” the early tomatoes since Thursday, i.e. putting them outside in a shady spot so … Continue reading

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Transplanting 01: Cabbages

I decided that conditions were right, so tonight we transplanted the asian cabbage and pak choi into garden bed number four.  Before transplanting, I spread lime in the garden bed and raked it into the area where the cabbages would … Continue reading

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