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Volunteer Flower

While checking the garden tonight, we discovered an unexpected flower growing where the ‘hakurei’ turnips and cabbage greens were planted.  Those vegetables are mostly finished for the year.  The remaining cabbage greens have quit producing leaves and are flowering, as … Continue reading

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Shades of Green

The cabbage family plants in garden bed number three (Chinese (napa) cabbage, pak choi, radish, kale, turnip, and assorted greens) come in many different shades of green, plus the purple of one variety of pak choi and the red of … Continue reading

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Mutant Mustard

Two years ago, I discovered that I had a kale seedling with three seed leaves, or cotyledons, rather than the usual two.  I had another one show up this year. When I was planting chard, carrots, mitsuba, beets, and lettuce … Continue reading

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Cabbages, Greens, & Radishes

We continue to harvest the plants in garden bed number one.  Last night, we pulled more radishes; these are from the first planting on April 24th, but the radishes that I planted on May 11th are growing well and should … Continue reading

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Radishes & Other Cabbage Family Plants

Yesterday evening, I harvested some radishes.  I took those that were fairly large, and some that were growing close together to give the remaining plants more space.  These radishes were planted just over a month ago, on April 24th. To … Continue reading

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Seed Coats, Seed Leaves, True Leaves, & Mutant Kale

As I mentioned recently, the seed coat sometimes remains on a plant’s seed leaves  or cotyledons, trapping them so that the young plant can’t grow properly.  Soil or other material can similarly bind seedlings’ leaves. If the seed coat or other problem doesn’t drop off on its … Continue reading

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Planting Cabbage Greens & Roots

Tonight, I planted several cabbage greens and some cabbage family root crops in garden bed number one.  Since I had already dug the bed, I only had to rake it smooth and make a rim around the outside, then add … Continue reading

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Pepper Seedlings

My peppers have started to sprout.  The eggplant seeds seem to be a day or two behind the peppers as I am just seeing them push through the surface now.  Here is a photo of the new shoots as of last … Continue reading

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Fall Garden Update

Last night (September 29th), I watered garden bed number four, which was dry.  The other garden beds have a little moisture but will probably need water in a couple of days. At the end of July, I began planting more … Continue reading

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Another Frost Warning

While I was pruning the blackberries yesterday, there was a short rain shower followed by a sudden drop in temperature.  There was a frost warning for last night and another warning for tonight.  We prepared much as we did for … Continue reading

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