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Carrots and Beets

Early this week, with rain and freezing weather predicted, I decided to dig the rest of my carrots and beets.  I got home early to dig them before it got dark, but still ended up digging in the dark, cold, … Continue reading

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Last Harvest before the Frost

With possible frost predicted for tonight, and even colder temps predicted for tomorrow night, I’ve been busy taking care of cold-sensitive plants.  I’ve moved tender houseplants into the house and my office over the past few days, and today we … Continue reading

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Planting Chard, Lettuce, Beets, Carrots, Onions, Mitsuba, and Cilantro

On Saturday, I repaired the frame of the third garden bed.  On Sunday, I dug the bed and turned over the soil, which took a long time as I had to remove a lot of tree roots. Tonight, I finished preparing … Continue reading

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What Are the Easiest Vegetables to Grow?

If you are new to gardening, or perhaps frustrated with plants that seem suicidal, you might want to try growing some of the following.  This list is composed of those vegetables that I have had little or no trouble growing.  It’s … Continue reading

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The Rest of the Carrots

Because of the freezing weather and snow predicted for the rest of this week, I decided to harvest the remaining carrots this afternoon.  I used my garden fork to loosen them and gloved hands to remove most of the mud and … Continue reading

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Beef Roast

We have a tradition of eating roast beef on New Year’s Day.  I often cook the beef on my smoker, but this year I used the oven.  I wanted to cook the beef on a bed of vegetables, so I dug … Continue reading

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Baby Carrots

I dug up some carrots today.  The weather has been rainy but mostly above freezing, so the soil was wet but not frozen. These ‘Danvers half long’ carrots (more like quarter long or even eighth long in this case) were … Continue reading

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We pulled another carrot yesterday.  Carrots can stay in the ground for quite a while; in a year with a mild winter, I found edible carrots when I dug the garden bed the next spring. This is a ‘Napoli’ variety … Continue reading

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Freeze Warning

We got our first freeze warning of the season last night, so after spending much of the day (Sunday, November 2nd) fighting the wind gusts while mulching with leaves, we picked the remaining warm weather vegetables. We got a lot … Continue reading

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Planting Chard, Lettuce, Beets, Carrots, & Onions

I was planting by moonlight by the time I finished, which isn’t nearly as romantic as it sounds.  The rows may appear a little random when the plants come up, but that doesn’t really matter. First, I reserved space at the … Continue reading

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