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Container Vegetables Part 2

Growing vegetables in large containers (modified five gallon buckets) worked well in 2017, so I decided to double the number of containers from five to ten in 2018.  (See my posts Container Vegetables and Containers for Growing Vegetables for my 2017 … Continue reading

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2017 Tomato Report

Better late than never, right? In 2017, I planted ten tomato varieties.  Five were varieties I had planted before, and five were new to me.  Seven were planted in my usual raised beds, and three were dwarf varieties that I … Continue reading

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Cracked Tomato

I’ve had a lot of trouble with cracking of my tomato fruits this year.  I suspect it’s related to the unusually rainy weather we’ve been having.  For more about cracking, and many other tomato fruit problems, see this Missouri Botanical Garden webpage. … Continue reading

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Dwarf Tomato ‘Perth Pride’

One of the dwarf tomato varieties that I’m growing in containers this year is called ‘Perth pride’.  It is one of the varieties developed by the dwarf tomato project (a team that includes Craig LeHoullier, author of Epic Tomatoes; see … Continue reading

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Double Tomato

I picked a ‘Polish dwarf’ tomato the other day that looks like two fruits that grew together. It appears that this happens when multiple blossoms fuse together into what is known as a “megabloom”.  It seems that this usually happens … Continue reading

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Monday Morning Harvest

This is what we harvested this morning.  We last picked vegetables Saturday afternoon, so the garden is producing pretty well, as it should be by mid-summer. I grow pole beans on a trellis.  Most of these are large ‘fortex’ beans … Continue reading

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Containers for Growing Vegetables

Last summer, I decided to try growing some vegetables in containers.  I selected some 5 gallon (19 l) buckets because they are labeled as food-safe and they are relatively inexpensive.  These buckets had three ring-like features on the bottom (a … Continue reading

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Container Vegetables

This year I tried something I hadn’t done before, growing vegetables in containers.  I got this idea from the book “Epic Tomatoes” by Craig LeHoullier.  I grew eggplant and dwarf tomato plants (seeds purchased from Victory Seeds; see Resources for more … Continue reading

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2017 Seeds Orders

I placed my orders for seeds on February 8th.  My main order was with Pinetree Garden Seeds (superseeds.com), which is where I usually order seeds. This was a pretty big order, so I’ll break it down into categories.  First are … Continue reading

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