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Update to 2016 Tomato Report

This fall, after I wrote the 2016 Tomato Report post, a disease that I suspect is a form of blight infected all my tomato plants.  This disease shows up every year.  It starts on leaves at the bottom of the plants and … Continue reading

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Harvest & Peppers

It appeared as though the late blight that has wiped out my tomatoes has also infected my pepper plants, so last Thursday (September 18th), we picked all the peppers that we thought might be in danger of going bad. There were actually … Continue reading

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Harvest & Tomato Blight

It rained most of last week, so we didn’t pick vegetables and fruit until Sunday (August 24th).  If you handle plants when they are wet, you can more easily transfer diseases between them. We got some nice ‘ichiban imp’ eggplant despite all … Continue reading

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Scarface Tomatoes

In my previous post about a disease that was affecting my tomatoes, I had discovered something that was new to my garden.  This time, I’m writing about a disease that has been a problem in my garden for several years. … Continue reading

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What’s that black mold inside my tomatoes?

While slicing open recently harvested paste tomatoes for dinner last night, I found black mold growing inside the next-to-last tomato that I was going to use.  I was surprised because there was no sign of a problem on the outside … Continue reading

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