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Containers for Growing Vegetables

Last summer, I decided to try growing some vegetables in containers.  I selected some 5 gallon (19 l) buckets because they are labeled as food-safe and they are relatively inexpensive.  These buckets had three ring-like features on the bottom and … Continue reading

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Transplanting Tomatoes

Today (yesterday by the time I finish writing), I transplanted all the tomatoes into garden bed number one.  I transplanted both the early tomatoes that I planted on March 14th and the other tomatoes that I planted on April 16th. … Continue reading

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Re-potting the Dwarf Pomegranates (Again)

Why would I re-pot these miniature trees again so soon?  Well, I moved them and the sweet William planters back home from my office this afternoon, and when I turned my back on them, the cart they were on rolled … Continue reading

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Planting Peas & Radishes

Saturday, I finished digging garden bed number four with my garden fork.  On Sunday, I raked it level, raked the sides up against the frame, and raked in four pounds (1.8 kg) of 5-10-10 fertilizer.  I covered the bed with … Continue reading

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Re-potting the Dwarf Pomegranates

My three dwarf pomegranate trees have been growing in some small pots for a couple of years, and I felt they needed larger pots to flourish.  Pomegranates do well in dry conditions, so I chose terra-cotta pots that should help prevent waterlogged … Continue reading

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Transplanting Peppers & Eggplant

This evening, I transplanted my pepper and eggplant seedlings into garden bed number four, following the same procedure as when I transplanted the tomatoes. I had my daughter cut X-shaped holes in the landscape fabric, then I folded the flaps … Continue reading

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Planting Beans

This evening, I planted pole beans on the opposite (West) side of my trellis from the peas that I planted in mid-April.  Beans won’t sprout and grow unless the soil is warm. I used my hoe to remove the weeds that … Continue reading

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Transplanting Tomatoes & Marigolds

Tonight, I transplanted all my tomato seedlings, and the ‘golden guardian’ marigold seedlings, into garden bed number four.  I had moved most of the seedlings to the cold frame two weeks ago.  I usually plant the early tomatoes first, then … Continue reading

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Preparing for & Planting Peas

I “rotate” my garden plants each year, moving each family of vegetables to the next of my four raised garden beds.  The vegetables don’t occupy the same soil for four years, which hopefully reduces the number of pests and diseases specific to … Continue reading

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Planting a Pineapple

I got rid of two pineapple plants that were growing in one pot to make room for my other plants, but relented and planted a new pineapple in the same pot.  After harvesting the pineapple in September, we put the … Continue reading

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