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Moving the Morning Glory

When I moved the other flowers home from my office, I didn’t move the pot of morning glory vines because the bamboo pole they are climbing makes the entire assembly about five feet (1.5 m) tall.  Today, I decided to find … Continue reading

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Morning Glory Vines Run Out of Headroom

I gave the morning glory vines that are growing in a pot in my office a bamboo pole to climb a few weeks ago.  There is about four feet (1.2 m) for them to climb, and two vines have already reached … Continue reading

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Morning Glory Flower

The pot of snapdragons that I moved to my office last fall haven’t been doing too well, partly because of the aphids.  During the summer, they were growing near some morning glory vines, so a lot of seeds fell into their pot. … Continue reading

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Morning Glory & Bees

First, the morning glory vines I transplanted are doing well, climbing and flowering on the bamboo poles I tied to the railing.  When I moved them, the soil they were growing in was so dry that it crumbled.  I essentially … Continue reading

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Cabbage Patch “Weeds” & Pollinators

We have been harvesting and eating cabbage for over a month.  We still have several cabbages growing in the first garden bed.  The cauliflower plants haven’t started making heads yet, but the kale is growing well.  We’ll eat kale in the fall; … Continue reading

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Beetle Battle

Three species of beetles are making pests of themselves in my garden this year.  First is the larvae of the Colorado potato beetle, which concentrate on the eggplant leaves. As you can see, they have been chewing on the edges … Continue reading

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Morning Glory Vines, Bean Flowers, & Herbs

I had many “volunteer” morning glory plants come up in garden bed number one, where I planted them last year.  The flowers are purple.  A few weeks ago, I transplanted a couple of them so they can grow on the … Continue reading

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Summer Flowers 04

Here’s a selection of flowers that bloomed during the first half of August. This is a perennial sunflower.  The flowers are much smaller than what the annual sunflowers produce, but there are many flowers per plant and of course they … Continue reading

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Guest Garden

While on vacation, I visited my parents in southwestern Minnesota.  These photos were taken in my Mom’s garden on July 11th.  They show just some of the vegetables and flowers that she grows in her spacious garden. First up are … Continue reading

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Okra & Morning Glory

The okra, moonflower, and morning glory that I planted in garden bed number one are up and have their first true leaves.  On Sunday (June 9th), I removed the plastic milk jugs that were protecting the three groups of okra … Continue reading

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