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Planting Chard, Lettuce, Beets, Carrots, & Onions

I was planting by moonlight by the time I finished, which isn’t nearly as romantic as it sounds.  The rows may appear a little random when the plants come up, but that doesn’t really matter. First, I reserved space at the … Continue reading

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Planting Onions

Over the weekend, I finished preparing garden bed number two.  I used my garden fork to turn over the soil, raked it out and raised the edges.  Since I haven’t found a source for the type of manure that I want … Continue reading

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Onions & a Carrot

We planted onions and carrots on April 7th.  We planted yellow onion bulbs three inches (75 mm) deep and a half inch (12 mm) apart so we could harvest them as scallions.  We didn’t use all of them, however, and the remaining … Continue reading

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Cabbage, Radish & Lettuce

Although it has been cooler recently, the hot weather that we experienced earlier apparently prompted some of the cabbage family plants to produce flowers.  We first noticed this problem a few weeks ago.  Now, the pak choi cabbages have flower … Continue reading

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First Pea Pods

We picked the first pea pods of the year on Sunday, June 9th.  This first picking yielded only a dozen or so.  These are super sugar snap peas, so we eat the whole pod — no shelling!  We also picked … Continue reading

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Flowering Peppers, Rabbits, Tomatoes and Marigolds

This evening, I weeded (part of) garden bed number one.  You can get an idea of what it looked like from the second photo in yesterday’s post.  There was a lot of dill, cilantro, shiso, tomatillo, and even a few … Continue reading

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Frost Warning

The temperature tonight is predicted to reach 29 to 32°F (-2 to 0°C).  To protect some plants, we covered bed number four (where the cabbages were transplanted; the other seedlings in that bed should be fine) with some sheets over the … Continue reading

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Outdoor Seedlings

Some of the seeds that I planted directly into the garden beds have started to germinate. First, an update on the pea seedlings that I planted in garden bed number two on March 30th and showed sprouting on April 11th. … Continue reading

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Planting 05: Chard, Onions, Beets, Lettuce, Carrots

I prepared raised bed number one on Saturday, so on Sunday (April 7th), we were able to plant a number of things in it.  In my post on planning, I called this the “everything else” bed.  Bed two has legumes … Continue reading

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Preparing Garden Bed Number One

This raised bed was prepared in the same manner as raised bed number two.  I already cleaned the old plant stems out earlier. I moved some of the screws holding the timbers together so that they were in solid wood … Continue reading

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