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Transplanting Kale, Cabbages, & Cauliflower

Yesterday afternoon, I transplanted my kale, Asian cabbage, and cauliflower seedlings into garden bed number one, in the same way as I transplanted cabbages last year.  I had planted them on April 8th and moved them to the cold frame on May … Continue reading

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Herb Seedlings & Replanting

Checking on my herb seedlings that I planted two weeks ago, I see that basil (one peat pot on the top right and two on the bottom left) and cilantro (spindly seedlings in the two pots on the bottom right) germinated … Continue reading

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Transplanting 05: Herbs

I transplanted the herbs on Sunday, June 9th.  These are the last of the plants that we planted and grew indoors.  We transplanted the cabbages; early tomatoes and other tomatoes; and peppers, eggplant, and marigolds earlier. Most of the herbs were transplanted into garden … Continue reading

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Transplanting 01: Cabbages

I decided that conditions were right, so tonight we transplanted the asian cabbage and pak choi into garden bed number four.  Before transplanting, I spread lime in the garden bed and raked it into the area where the cabbages would … Continue reading

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Seedlings are getting big.

The vegetable seedlings have been growing fast.  I gave them another shot of soluble fertilizer this past week. The early tomatoes have gotten so tall that they are now sitting on the floor between the supports for the other seedlings. … Continue reading

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Tomato & Herb Seedlings

The tomatoes, marigolds, and some of the herbs that we planted a week ago are coming up. The new tomato plants are in the black pots on the left.  The large tomato plants on the right were planted just over … Continue reading

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Planting 03: Tomatoes & Herbs

Tonight, my daughter and her friend helped me plant herbs and additional tomatoes.  These will be the last of the vegetable and herb seeds that we will start indoors, but I need to plant some flower seeds before too long. … Continue reading

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Seedlings Update

I now have seedlings growing in every pot that I’ve planted so far.  Germination rates are quite high, even though some of the seeds are several years old.  The early tomato pot is on the left, then the peppers (front … Continue reading

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Cabbages are up, too!

Cabbage seeds sprout even more quickly than tomato seeds do; these have been in the soil for only four days. You can see several cabbages coming up in their peat pots.  Although there are both pak choi and asian heading … Continue reading

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Planting 02: Cabbage

My order of seeds arrived yesterday, so today we planted cabbage seeds. I plant these in peat pots because they are said to have more fragile roots, and peat pots allow you to transplant them directly into the ground. We … Continue reading

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