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Container Vegetables Part 2

Growing vegetables in large containers (modified five gallon buckets) worked well in 2017, so I decided to double the number of containers from five to ten in 2018.  (See my posts Container Vegetables and Containers for Growing Vegetables for my 2017 … Continue reading

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Garden Photos from 2012

Back near the beginning of this blog, I linked to an album of photos of my garden on Google+.  Since that service is being shut down soon, I decided to post the photos here. The rest of the text is … Continue reading

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Monday Morning Harvest

This is what we harvested this morning.  We last picked vegetables Saturday afternoon, so the garden is producing pretty well, as it should be by mid-summer. I grow pole beans on a trellis.  Most of these are large ‘fortex’ beans … Continue reading

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Beans, Blackberries, Peppers, Eggplant, and Tomatoes

It’s just two days since we last picked blackberries and tomatoes, and three since we picked everything else, but we got quite a lot of vegetables tonight. We’ve been getting adequate amounts of rain lately, the heat has moderated a … Continue reading

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Last Harvest before the Frost

With possible frost predicted for tonight, and even colder temps predicted for tomorrow night, I’ve been busy taking care of cold-sensitive plants.  I’ve moved tender houseplants into the house and my office over the past few days, and today we … Continue reading

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Weekend Harvest 07

It rained Thursday, we were busy Friday, and it rained again Saturday, so there was a lot of produce waiting for us in the garden today. The two small bowls at the front contain ‘nectar’ cherry tomatoes and blackberries.  In the large bowl … Continue reading

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Transplanting Peppers, Eggplant, & Marigolds

Today, my daughter helped me transplant the pepper and eggplant seedlings into garden bed number one.  I originally planted the seeds on March 14th.  We followed much the same transplanting procedure as last year and the year before.  The peppers have … Continue reading

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Basil, Tomato, Pepper, & Eggplant Seedlings

My seedlings have been growing well.  They are in front of a west-facing window, but fluorescent lights provide a total of ten hours of additional light in the morning and evening.  Without the artificial lighting, the plants would be spindly … Continue reading

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What Are the Easiest Vegetables to Grow?

If you are new to gardening, or perhaps frustrated with plants that seem suicidal, you might want to try growing some of the following.  This list is composed of those vegetables that I have had little or no trouble growing.  It’s … Continue reading

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Peppers Are Up!

The ‘yellow banana’ pepper seedlings were the first to emerge yesterday, but now the ‘Takiis Ace’ and jalapeno peppers are starting to come up too. I planted these seeds on March 14th, with the early tomatoes, which have been growing … Continue reading

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