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Spring Flowers 2018

I planted some more spring-flowering bulbs two years ago.  These photos were taken on May 5th; the flowers have finished blooming now, except for the grape hyacinths.  The bulbs were all purchased from Van Engelen (see Resources). First up are … Continue reading

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Lemon Fruit & Flowers, Summer 2014

The (only) fruit that my lemon tree set while it was indoors last winter has grown considerably and is now getting ripe. At about 2.75 inch (70 mm) diameter and over 3 inches (76 mm) long, it’s probably the largest … Continue reading

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Morning Glory & Bees

First, the morning glory vines I transplanted are doing well, climbing and flowering on the bamboo poles I tied to the railing.  When I moved them, the soil they were growing in was so dry that it crumbled.  I essentially … Continue reading

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Cabbage Patch “Weeds” & Pollinators

We have been harvesting and eating cabbage for over a month.  We still have several cabbages growing in the first garden bed.  The cauliflower plants haven’t started making heads yet, but the kale is growing well.  We’ll eat kale in the fall; … Continue reading

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Why didn’t we harvest any cherries this year?

Usually, we would have picked the fruit from my pie cherry tree (Prunus cerasus ‘north star’) by this time.  This year, however, there were so few cherries on the tree that I didn’t bother to cover it with bird netting. … Continue reading

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Summer Flowers 05

These flowers bloomed in my gardens in the second half of August.  Can summer already be coming to an end? the last to bloom of my hostas “Volunteer” cosmos came up last fall in a pot in which cosmos ‘cosmic yellow’ … Continue reading

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Bees are important to anyone growing vegetables, fruit, etc. as pollinators.  I like to see bees visiting flowers on my vegetables, flowers, and fruit, and have shared several photos of them in my garden.  For more about bees, check out this … Continue reading

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Summer Flowers 03

This is the third installment of photos of summer flowers.  You might want to see my two posts with photos of spring flowers as well.  Here’s what’s blooming in my yard in mid-summer. Roses are one of the few perennials … Continue reading

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Summer Flowers 02

These lilies were planted by the previous owners. The spirea also was planted before we moved to our house. Hydrangea ‘endless summer’ blooms for a long time. Blue flowers are produced by plants growing in soil with an acidic pH … Continue reading

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