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Re-potting the Dwarf Pomegranates (Again)

Why would I re-pot these miniature trees again so soon?  Well, I moved them and the sweet William planters back home from my office this afternoon, and when I turned my back on them, the cart they were on rolled … Continue reading

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Pomegranate Flower

When I posted about the dwarf pomegranate trees a few weeks ago, I included a photo of a flower bud that one had produced.  The flower has now opened. The same little tree has two additional flower buds; one is visible in … Continue reading

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Dwarf Pomegranates and Snapdragons Are Growing

The dwarf pomegranate trees and the snapdragons that I moved to my office last month are starting to grow again.  The pomegranates had lost all their leaves as they became dormant; now new leaves have appeared. One dwarf pomegranate tree even … Continue reading

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Moving Flowers Back to the Office

It’s past time to move some houseplants to my office for the winter; last year I did it on November 6th.  Today, I moved sweet william, snapdragon, and dwarf pomegranate trees. Last year, I tried leaving one window planter with sweet … Continue reading

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Re-potting the Dwarf Pomegranates

My three dwarf pomegranate trees have been growing in some small pots for a couple of years, and I felt they needed larger pots to flourish.  Pomegranates do well in dry conditions, so I chose terra-cotta pots that should help prevent waterlogged … Continue reading

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Office Flowers Return

On Thursday (October 31st), after removing the diseased parts of my prickly pear cactus, I moved some flowers back into my office.  My office has a south-facing window, so it’s a good place to keep plants that I have no … Continue reading

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Summer Flowers 04

Here’s a selection of flowers that bloomed during the first half of August. This is a perennial sunflower.  The flowers are much smaller than what the annual sunflowers produce, but there are many flowers per plant and of course they … Continue reading

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More Marigolds

Today I planted marigold ‘petite yellow’ seeds in a window planter at my office.  These marigolds are small (six to eight inches height) so they should work well in a container. I have two of these planters at work now.  I … Continue reading

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