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Rabbit Fence

Today, I bought some posts and fence material to make fences for some of my raised garden beds.  I have had trouble with rabbits eating various vegetables in the past, and rabbit repellent hasn’t been sufficient to keep them out … Continue reading

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Spring Kale

One of last year’s kale plants started growing again in garden bed number one.  I placed a wire mesh cage around it to protect it from rabbits. Today, we noticed that the kale plant was starting to form flower buds, so … Continue reading

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Garden Cleanup and Rabbits

Since the snow is mostly gone, I thought I’d get started on cleaning up the garden today; that is, removing last year’s plants and making the various structures ready for this year. I started on garden bed number four, which … Continue reading

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Tomato Cages

The first tomato cages I used were some that I bought.  They are pretty simple, just three upright pieces of wire welded to four wire hoops to make a cone shape.  They measure eighteen inches (48 cm) across the top, … Continue reading

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Flowering Peppers, Rabbits, Tomatoes and Marigolds

This evening, I weeded (part of) garden bed number one.  You can get an idea of what it looked like from the second photo in yesterday’s post.  There was a lot of dill, cilantro, shiso, tomatillo, and even a few … Continue reading

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Planting 07: Pole Beans

I planted my pole beans in garden bed number two tonight.  My brother recommended Kentucky blue pole beans to me several years ago, and although I’ve tried other varieties, these remain my favorite.  I planted them on the opposite side … Continue reading

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