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I picked some radishes today in the rain.  I picked some last week too to thin the plants and make space, but those radishes were only about half this size. You can see that the seed leaves (the heart-shaped leaves close to the root) … Continue reading

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Mutant Mustard

Two years ago, I discovered that I had a kale seedling with three seed leaves, or cotyledons, rather than the usual two.  I had another one show up this year. When I was planting chard, carrots, mitsuba, beets, and lettuce … Continue reading

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Basil Seedlings

The basil I planted a week ago has been sprouting over the last few days.  So far, they haven’t produced any true leaves, just seed leaves. A few other plants have come up, because I planted the basil in the … Continue reading

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Seed Coats, Seed Leaves, True Leaves, & Mutant Kale

As I mentioned recently, the seed coat sometimes remains on a plant’s seed leaves  or cotyledons, trapping them so that the young plant can’t grow properly.  Soil or other material can similarly bind seedlings’ leaves. If the seed coat or other problem doesn’t drop off on its … Continue reading

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Seed Leaves & True Leaves

The first leaves you see on a tomato seedling are the seed leaves, or cotyledon.  (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cotyledon)  They come from the seed and don’t resemble the true leaves that grow after the plant sprouts.  However, they perform photosynthesis just like the … Continue reading

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