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Planting Peas & Radishes

Saturday, I finished digging garden bed number four with my garden fork.  On Sunday, I raked it level, raked the sides up against the frame, and raked in four pounds (1.8 kg) of 5-10-10 fertilizer.  I covered the bed with … Continue reading

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Planting Beans

This evening, I planted pole beans on the opposite (West) side of my trellis from the peas that I planted in mid-April.  Beans won’t sprout and grow unless the soil is warm. I used my hoe to remove the weeds that … Continue reading

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Preparing for & Planting Peas

I “rotate” my garden plants each year, moving each family of vegetables to the next of my four raised garden beds.  The vegetables don’t occupy the same soil for four years, which hopefully reduces the number of pests and diseases specific to … Continue reading

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Planting 07: Pole Beans

I planted my pole beans in garden bed number two tonight.  My brother recommended Kentucky blue pole beans to me several years ago, and although I’ve tried other varieties, these remain my favorite.  I planted them on the opposite side … Continue reading

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Planting 04: Peas

After setting up raised bed number two, I could plant the first vegetable to actually go into the garden.  That honor always goes to peas, partly due to the logistical concern of having to move the trellis before I can … Continue reading

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I don’t need many seeds this year.  Since my yearly seed order is pretty small, I only order from one company each year.  This time, the lucky recipients of my seed order are Pinetree,  aka superseeds.com, located in Maine.  (see … Continue reading

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