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Planting Okra, Herbs, and the Rest of the Tomatoes

Last night, after I made some soil blocks, I used them to plant okra and several species of herbs.  I planted my regular-season (i.e. not early) tomatoes in fairly large pots as these plants grow quickly. I first planted seven varieties … Continue reading

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New Garden Tool: Soil Block Molds

I bought a new toy tool for the garden this year, a set of soil block molds from Lee Valley Tools.  They produce compressed cubes of potting soil that allow you to plant seeds without using pots. This was appealing … Continue reading

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Planting Peppers, Eggplant, and Early Tomatoes

Pi (π) day seemed like a good day to officially start the gardening season by planting the first vegetable seeds.  As usual, I planted seeds for my early tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant.  I prepared for this last week by cleaning the … Continue reading

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Moving Flowers Back to the Office

It’s past time to move some houseplants to my office for the winter; last year I did it on November 6th.  Today, I moved sweet william, snapdragon, and dwarf pomegranate trees. Last year, I tried leaving one window planter with sweet … Continue reading

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Re-potting the Dwarf Pomegranates

My three dwarf pomegranate trees have been growing in some small pots for a couple of years, and I felt they needed larger pots to flourish.  Pomegranates do well in dry conditions, so I chose terra-cotta pots that should help prevent waterlogged … Continue reading

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Tomatoes Move Outside

Last Wednesday (May 14th), I moved the tomatoes outside to “harden off,” i.e. get used to conditions outdoors in preparation for being transplanted.  I usually transplant the early tomatoes first, but since I’m later than usual this year all the … Continue reading

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Herb Seedlings & Replanting

Checking on my herb seedlings that I planted two weeks ago, I see that basil (one peat pot on the top right and two on the bottom left) and cilantro (spindly seedlings in the two pots on the bottom right) germinated … Continue reading

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Planting 03: Tomatoes & Herbs

Tonight, my daughter and her friend helped me plant herbs and additional tomatoes.  These will be the last of the vegetable and herb seeds that we will start indoors, but I need to plant some flower seeds before too long. … Continue reading

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Planting 01: Tomato, Eggplant, Pepper

We planted the first seeds of 2013 today.  I have my daughter help me plant; she’ll appreciate it when she gets older.  Probably. It’s still very wintry outside, but it helps to get a head start by growing seedlings indoors … Continue reading

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