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Beans, Blackberries, Peppers, Eggplant, and Tomatoes

It’s just two days since we last picked blackberries and tomatoes, and three since we picked everything else, but we got quite a lot of vegetables tonight. We’ve been getting adequate amounts of rain lately, the heat has moderated a … Continue reading

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Weekend Harvest

We just picked some vegetables and fruit from our garden.  Botanically, I guess they’re all classified as fruit as they all contain seeds. The pole beans (‘Kentucky blue’ and ’emerite’ varieties) were producing heavily in July, but the hot, dry weather … Continue reading

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Weekend Harvest

It rained Thursday, we were busy Friday, and it rained again Saturday, so there was a lot of produce waiting for us in the garden today. The two small bowls at the front contain ‘nectar’ cherry tomatoes and blackberries.  In the large bowl … Continue reading

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Blackberry Flower

My blackberry brambles have started to flower.  I believe only the chester thornless blackberries have flowers and the triple crown thornless blackberry buds haven’t started to open just yet.  Chester flowers are pink, while triple crown are white; you can see … Continue reading

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Pruning & More Pruning

I got most of my spring pruning done today.  The tools I used were small, bypass pruners; large, lopping pruners; and a Japanese saw.  All of these tools are able to make a clean cut if they are sharp; I had … Continue reading

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Beans, Okra, Blackberries, & Pawpaws

We hadn’t picked vegetables since last Thursday, so there were a lot of beans.  The ‘rattlesnake’ variety were the biggest producers this time.  Some were hidden so they were quite large; we’ll probably shell them and just eat the seed … Continue reading

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Harvest & Peppers

It appeared as though the late blight that has wiped out my tomatoes has also infected my pepper plants, so last Thursday (September 18th), we picked all the peppers that we thought might be in danger of going bad. There were actually … Continue reading

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Beans, Eggplant, Pepper, Okra, and Blackberries

This weekend’s harvest is quite a bit smaller than last Friday’s, partly because it’s two days’  production rather than three, and because the days are getting shorter and cooler. We’re still getting a good harvest of pole beans.  I picked one ‘yellow … Continue reading

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Beans, Tomato, Eggplant, Peppers, Okra, and Blackberries

This harvest represents three days’ worth of these vegetables.  We’re getting a lot of pole beans again.  The ’emerite’ variety are still the biggest producers, but ‘Kentucky blue’ are gaining on them. One tomato fruit managed to escape the blight and … Continue reading

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Harvest & Tomato Blight

It rained most of last week, so we didn’t pick vegetables and fruit until Sunday (August 24th).  If you handle plants when they are wet, you can more easily transfer diseases between them. We got some nice ‘ichiban imp’ eggplant despite all … Continue reading

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